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Buick V6 Ignition Trigger Wheel Installation Fixture



Part #: TWIF-BUV6

Install Buick V6 trigger wheels quickly, accurately and without the guesswork! BHJ's Buick V6 Ignition Trigger Wheel Installation Fixture is a high quality, professional-grade tool, which enables the proper press-fit of O.E.M. replacement Buick V6 ignition trigger wheels (interrupter rings). The fixture works with both internal- and external-balance BHJ harmonic dampers.

Manufactured from billet aluminum, the TWIF-BUV6 registers both the harmonic damper and the trigger wheel at the correct orientation for proper ignition timing, as outlined in the original Buick Power Source book for this application.

The fixture works with common hydraulic, or arbor presses and ensures even support and correct depth-alignment of the trigger wheel during the press-fit installation.

Trigger wheels sold separately.

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