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Evolution Design

Evolution Design takes existing damper designs and upgrades them using:

  • Envelope data for the existing engine and application
  • Historical damper feature requirements
  • Inertia ring value
  • Frequency tuning
  • Belt track size and location
  • Pulley holes and location
  • Seal diameters, Keyways, crank fit etc.

The sum of the design effort translates into better functionality by benchmarking the old design and making sure that any update changes keep within safe ranges of the original design intent. In most cases, the BHJ redesign is a direct replacement for existing OEM designs with features that offer better functionality or enhanced performance for higher performance applications.

BHJ incorporates updates such as:

  • Improved materials — stronger and/or lighter
  • CNC machining accuracy
  • New elastomers and bonded construction if necessary
  • Wave-lock rubber cross section for better inertia ring stability
  • Additional belt tracks
  • Better and expanded timing marks
  • Ignition trigger wheel mounting
  • Revised tuning for High Performance applications

CAD drawings and models are made for direct translation to CNC machining of the parts.

Accessories, such as isolation pulleys, drive mandrels, ignition trigger wheels and other components are commonly required as part of damper projects. Design and manufacturing services are also available for components such as these, either as part of a damper project, or separately.

Contact us to enquire about BHJ component development programs.

Click here to download the typical data questionnaire for initiating an Evolution Design quote or project.

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